The Competitive Edge in CNC Workholding and Tooling

The Competitive Edge in CNC Workholding and Tooling

The Challenge

  • Reshoring manufacturing to New Zealand and Australia.
  • Increasing quality consistently while decreasing lead times.
  • Enable innovation in design and manufacturing.
  • Supporting other local businesses and strengthening the supply chain.
  • Building strong & sustainable manufacturing businesses.

The Solution

  • Invest in next generation CNC workholding and tooling.
  • Implement modern CAM generated machining practices.
  • Minimise setup time by using innovative workholding.
  • Increase work holding rigidity with world class workholding.
  • High Quality tool holders enable increased feed rates, decreased tool wear & improved finishes.

A Complete Spindle to Table Solution

We've sourced the most innovative solutions

CNC Workholding and Tooling Solutions

ChipX only provide the best CNC workholding, solid carbide tooling and tool holding solutions found in the USA. All the products represent unbeatable value when you take a holistic view of your entire machining process.

  • Mitee-Bite make killer products that tackle some of the most challenging fixturing scenarios, and complement Carvesmarts’ soft jaw system beautifully.
  • Orange Vise is the new standard in machine vises. They are designed and manufactured from the base up to outperform the machine vise establishment.
  • Carvesmart have conjured up the most innovative repeatable soft jaw system for standard machine vices!
  • SwiftCARB manufacture the best roughing and finishing solid carbide tooling on the market, their quality is second to none.


Tool Life Increase*


Speeds & Feeds Increase*

Degree Ramp Angle

Second Jaw Change

The Competitive Advantage

High Speed Machining

Once you’ve seen SwiftCARB RampMill and Adaptive Clearing in action, roughing at incredible feed rates using the full flute length, you’ll donate your ‘big name’ brand end mills to your local trade school!

Patented Innovation

If your mill or live tooled lathe has through-spindle coolant, take advantage of the patent pending optional center coolant hole in SwiftCARB’s roughing and finishing tools. A jet of coolant directly down the center of the cutter, blasts chips out of deep pockets like nothing else you’ve ever seen. It can also be used with air blast, to clear pockets and prevent re-cutting of chips.

The patented geometry of SwiftCARB’s RampMill, allows it to reliably ramp down into the bottom of pockets at angles of up to 17 degrees!! RampMill will do that for the full flute length of the tool, not just down to a depth equal to the diameter of the tool.

The Science of Machining

We kiwis love our hot chips! Get RampMill dialed in with the right speeds and feeds for hard materials like stainless steel and titanium, and almost all of the heat generated by cutting, will leave the job via the chip. This means the work piece and the cutting edge both stay cool, improving accuracy and increasing tool life. Incredibly, you can often run the job dry, saving on coolant costs.

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