Bullnose Rougher

Tools with flat centers on their tips, with truncated radii transitioning from the flat tip to the side of the cutter. The truncated radius dramatically reduces wear on the tool tips.

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  • ISO H Hardened Steel (576)
    Tool & Hardened Steels, Hardened cast iron

  • ISO K Cast Iron (576)
    Gray cast irons, long and short chipping irons

  • ISO M Stainless Steel (576)
    Austenitic Stainless, Free machining steels, Alloy cast iron and malleable irons

  • ISO N Non-Ferrous Materials (214)
    Aluminium, Non-ferrous metals & other materials (wood, plastics, composites etc)

  • ISO P Steel (576)
    Plain carbon, Free-machining carbon, Alloy, Tool, PH Stainless and Cast steels

  • ISO S Heat Resistant Alloys and Titanium (576)
    Cobalt, Iron or Nickel based heat resistant alloys and Titanium

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