4 Flute Roughers - XD Series

4 Flute Extreme Series Variable Pitch & Variable Helix Heavy Roughing RampMill

The SwiftCarb XD series RampMill has an improved variable pitch / variable helix design that eliminates harmonic vibration and chatter. Designed for increased ramping, the XD can be used for everything from full slotting to heavy roughing.

Used with trochoidal and Controlled Engagement Tool Paths, RampMill achieves much higher material removal rates than standard solid carbide tools. By ramping up to NINE times greater angles than an end mill, the RampMill cuts at a much faster rate. Entering the center of the pocket optimizes the cutter path drastically reducing cycle times and increasing tool life.

  • Combination of variable pitch / variable helix flute geometries and the RampMill design.
  • Eliminates chatter and ramps up to NINE times greater angles than a standard end mill.
  • Patent protected features specifically engineered for Constant Engagement tool paths, allow the RampMill to outperform all other tools using this tool path technology.
  • RampMill’s end geometry allows ramp engagement of up to EIGHT degrees in steel and exotic metals.
  • RampMill’s core is designed to handled the highest tool load.
  • A truncated radius adds corner strength and avoids the wear points of a traditional radius.
  • Center coolant hole delivers coolant or air – blasting chips away eliminating re-cutting – dramatically increasing tool life.
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