Raptor Workholding

Raptor Workholding provide a wide range of ingenious workholding solutions for milling and turning. While their 5-axis self-centering vise is probably their best known product, their clever dovetail fixture system allows many of their products to fit together in an almost limitless number of combinations. As a result, they give flexibility for holding almost any part you can imagine. The dovetail fixtures come in a variety of sizes, and are stackable. Since the fixture system relies on the dovetail geometry, special cutters for prepping the stock are available too. [wpex more=”+ Read more” less=”- Collapse”]

Example Applications:

  • First-op work in a compact vise that allows a wide range of multi-axis movement.
  • Raise a single part off the bed with a riser and dovetail fixture to allow you to access 5 sides of the component.
  • Machine up to 6 components in one setup with one of the awesome multi-fixtures.


While the fixtures themselves have both aluminium and stainless steel options (great for EDM applications), the fixture clamps are all stainless steel, for durability.

ChipX are proud to be New Zealand’s Raptor Workholding Distributor.

We are currently in the process of loading all of the Raptor range onto our e-store. Please bear with us, and feel free to contact us via email in the meantime, if there is anything that you are looking for specifically.