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So how does all this work? Navigate through the ChipX shop using the category links below, each page will describe what each category of product is best suited for. If you know what you are after, you can quickly jump to a specific category using the Product Categories list on the left hand side of this page (or the bottom if you are on your mobile device). Or you can use the menu system at the top of the website. Once you are in a category with all the products listed, the Product Category list on the left hand side will be replaced by a set of filters suited to the product type. Allowing you to narrow down your options to suit your requirements. If there is anything unclear about out shop, please let us know and we will endeavor to improve the experience for you.

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  • ISO H Hardened Steel (3581)
    Tool & Hardened Steels, Hardened cast iron

  • ISO K Cast Iron (3581)
    Gray cast irons, long and short chipping irons

  • ISO M Stainless Steel (3581)
    Austenitic Stainless, Free machining steels, Alloy cast iron and malleable irons

  • ISO N Non-Ferrous Materials (5628)
    Aluminium, Non-ferrous metals & other materials (wood, plastics, composites etc)

  • ISO P Steel (3581)
    Plain carbon, Free-machining carbon, Alloy, Tool, PH Stainless and Cast steels

  • ISO S Heat Resistant Alloys and Titanium (3581)
    Cobalt, Iron or Nickel based heat resistant alloys and Titanium

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