NamPower Turbine Style Disc Brush

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NamPower ™ Turbine style disc brushes are ideal for medium & heavy deburring applications. If you are wondering which brush option you should select, the NamPower Resource Guide has got you covered with all the information you need.

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ChipX introduces a truly unique approach to in-line machining and deburring systems with Brush Research’s combination filament disc brushes. BRM’s new disc brushes are the highest professional grade tools on the market today. Manufactured using a fiber reinforced thermoplastic base, Nampower ™ Turbine Style Disc Brushes provide greater rigidity and stability. This results in a more balanced tool that provides improved tool performance and longer tool life. Their unique combination of Silicon Carbide & Ceramic filaments are used to allow the brushes to cut faster & last longer than any other brush on the market. The Turbine style high density filament is ideal for short cycle times & long tool life.

Common NamPower Applications

Nampower turbine style disc brushes work with materials which include but are not limited to: metallics, super alloys, plastics, composites, advanced composites, metal matrix, ceramics, woods and more. Now the advantages of abrasive nylon material can be used to automate finishing processes on Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, Flexible Manufacturing Cells, general CNC and robotic applications. Producing a consistent finish from part to part. BRM’s Nampower line of abrasive nylon tools sets the standard for performance and reliability.

  • Deburring
  • Rust removal
  • Gasket cleaning & removal
  • Roughing
  • Finishing prior to painting and plating
  • Removal of silicon glue, paper gaskets and flash from rubber and plastic
  • Pre-cast concrete mold cleaning
  • Spot finishing
  • Improve surface finish
  • Weld cleaning
  • Clean fiberglass
  • Plastic automotive parts

So which Turbine Style disc brush should you choose? In conjunction with the tables below, please make use of the NamPower Resource Guide for product selection advice, feeds & speeds, as well as finishing technical information.

NamPower Turbine Style Disc Brush Sizes carried in Stock

SKU Diameter Trim Grit Max Surface Speed
ADT501880 50mm 18mm 80 1981 m/min
ADT5018120 50mm 18mm 120 1981 m/min
ADT5018180 50mm 18mm 180 1981 m/min
ADT5018320 50mm 18mm 320 1981 m/min
ADT601880 60mm 18mm 80 1676 m/min
ADT6018120 60mm 18mm 120 1676 m/min
ADT6018180 60mm 18mm 180 1676 m/min
ADT6018320 60mm 18mm 320 1676 m/min
ADT801880 80mm 18mm 80 1219 m/min
ADT8018120 80mm 18mm 120 1219 m/min
ADT8018180 80mm 18mm 180 1219 m/min
ADT8018320 80mm 18mm 320 1219 m/min

Additional NamPower Turbine Style Disc Brush Sizes

SKU Diameter Trim Grit Max Surface Speed
ADT1001880 100mm 18mm 80 670 m/min
ADT10018120 100mm 18mm 120 670 m/min
ADT10018180 100mm 18mm 180 670  m/min
ADT10018320 100mm 18mm 320 670  m/min
ADT1003880 100mm 38mm 80 670  m/min
ADT10038120 100mm 38mm 120 670  m/min
ADT10038180 100mm 38mm 180 670  m/min
ADT10038320 100mm 38mm 320 670  m/min
ADT1251880 125mm 18mm 80 609 m/min
ADT12518120 125mm 18mm 120 609 m/min
ADT12518180 125mm 18mm 180 609 m/min
ADT12518320 125mm 18mm 320 609 m/min
ADT1253880 125mm 38mm 80 609 m/min
ADT12538120 125mm 38mm 120 609 m/min
ADT12538180 125mm 38mm 180 609 m/min
ADT12538320 125mm 38mm 320 609 m/min
ADT1501880 150mm 18mm 80 548 m/min
ADT15018120 150mm 18mm 120 548 m/min
ADT15018180 150mm 18mm 180 548 m/min
ADT15018320 150mm 18mm 320 548 m/min
ADT1503880 150mm 38mm 80 548 m/min
ADT15038120 150mm 38mm 120 548 m/min
ADT15038180 150mm 38mm 180 548 m/min
ADT15038320 150mm 38mm 320 548 m/min

Contact Us to request pricing and availability on the NamPower turbine style disc brush sizes listed in the table above.

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