AF 1.25D 5FL 5.5LC 0.0LBS 9.0OL SE RR-RH WW UN CT

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We don’t know if Swiftcarb used rocket science to design the AF5 finishing cutter, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they did. The finish that these things leave on Aluminium is second to none. An ultra-sharp and polished cutting edge, like a brain-surgeon’s scalpel, coupled with a secondary wiper edge on each flute, polishes the face of the material as it cuts.

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The SwiftCarb AF12505NU00RS1C0 finisher allows you to achieve very high quality surface finishes on aluminium parts. The optional center hole can be used with coolant or air blast to clear chips from the bottom of deep pockets to avoid any recutting of chips which can harm your surface finish. The cutting edge on each flute is followed very closely by a wiper edge which polishes the walls to a mirror finish.


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