XD 0.75D 4FL 1.0LC 2.0LBS 4.0OL T0.060 RR-RH NW MDC CT

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Make your chip conveyor do some real work for once instead of messing around. Big fat chips thrown out by SwiftCarb’s RampMill will make it wish it had paid attention in conveying class instead of screwing about.

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The SwiftCarb XD07504CSFK9TCCM has an improved Variable Pitch/Variable Helix design which eliminates the harmonics that cause vibration and chatter, and also has the Patent Pending RampMill end for increased Ramping ability. As a result, it can be used with Controlled Engagement toolpaths, as well as for everything from full slotting, to light and heavy roughing. By ramping at 5-9 times greater angles than an endmill, the RampMill can enter material by helically ramping holes nearly as fast as they can be drilled. By ramping up to NINE times greater angles than a standard end mill, the RampMill reaches the bottom of the pocket much faster. Entering the center of the pocket optimizes the cutter path, and reduces time spent retracting & re-entering the material, to drastically reduce cycle times.

Key Features
  • Because RampMill is designed specifically for Controlled Engagement Tool Paths, it outperforms other tools when using these strategies.
  • RampMill’s end geometry allows for ramping as steep as 8° in steels, up to 2x diameter in depth.
  • Core designed for optimum strength to handle the highest tool loads, truncated roughing radius adds corner strength.
  • Optional center coolant hole delivers coolant or air, blasting chips away and eliminating re-cutting, to dramatically increase tool life.

Additional information

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