CARVESMART 4 inch Master Jaw Set – Tool Steel

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The patented CARVESMART™ Quick Change Vise Jaw System is a complete package of dovetailed jaws for production and job shop vises that are accurately changed in seconds. CARVESMART™ extruded aluminum soft jaws can be saw cut to any length.

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CARVESMART™ replaces cap screwed jaws with a dovetailed jaw. Powerful channeled clamping elements are accessed from the top of the master jaw. Eliminating face accessed cap screws gives the CARVESMART™ dovetailed jaw design a larger machinable workholding zone, that permits holding on to many parts deeper into the jaws for better performance. The CARVESMART 4 inch master jaw set accepts all 4.5″ accessories.

carvesmart-dovetailed-vise-jaw-clampThe Clamp Assembly

The patented design is the fastest and most durable dovetailed vise jaw clamp in the industry. Partial retraction allows the jaws to be loaded from the side, with full retraction allowing front loading. The nuts are QPQ coated 1018 steel improving wear and corrosion resistance, while the differential RH / LH screw is made from a black oxidised alloy steel.

CARVESMART 4 inch Master Jaws

The 4″ Master Jaw Set includes two ground steel jaws with SMARTstop grooves, a full set of 3/8″-16 Low Head Cap Screws and an allen wrench.

carvesmart 4 inch ground-steel-master-jaws-mark-up


More Information
  • 4140 Ground Pre-hardened Steel
  • Ground flat and parallel within 0.0051mm
  • Accepts SMARTstop™ jaw sets
  • Front and side jaw loading
  • Accepts four extruded profiles that can be cut to any length
  • No exterior components that prevent vises from being mounted jaw to jaw
  • No exterior components to blow back chip