CARVESMART Aluminium NZ Made Machined Jaw Stock Lengths

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CARVESMART compatible ChipX machined aluminium lengths are available in three profiles. No more cap screws to avoid! Much faster setup changes, and highly flexible use cases within both CARVESMART master jaws or Orange Vise.

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NZ Made CARVESMART aluminium lengths are available in all three profiles, and can be purchased in 615mm lengths. Buying your CARVESMART jaw stock in this way, allows you to cut off just the right amount of soft jaw stock for the job or cut off 4 x 150mm long jaws. SMARTstopped or not, clamp your required length into one or multiple sets of CARVESMART master jaws.


Tie multiple stationary vise jaws together with one CARVESMART aluminium extrusion length


Cut your jaw stock to any length to suit the part you need to cut.


Cut small amounts of jaw stock for small parts.

If you want to reuse your custom length soft jaw at a later date, you can always just drill a hole into the back of the dovetail and SMARTstop your jaws. The black oxidised 1/4″ x 3/8″ dowel pins are available to purchase separately.

Available ChipX machined CARVESMART Aluminium Profiles

Carvesmart Aluminium Jaw Stock CXCS1278Carvesmart Aluminium Jaw Stock CXCS6936Carvesmart Aluminium Jaw Stock CXCS6939

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