CARVESMART TalonTop Dovetailed Jaws

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These Mitee-Bite authorized “TalonGrip” ready dovetailed steel jaws are the perfect first operation holding solution for your CARVESMART™ dovetailed jaws. These mighty monsters allow edge gripping on just ~1.5mm of material!

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While CARVESMART™ dovetailed aluminium soft jaws are great for secondary operations on your parts, CARVESMART TalonTop jaws are just what you need for a large number of your first operation applications. Nestle some Mitee-Bite TalonGrips™ into these jaws, and step into the world of aggressive roughing and finishing your parts while only holding onto 1.5mm of material. And this statement doesn’t just apply to aluminium stock, TalonGrips work on any material that has a Rockwell “C” hardness of 40 or softer. Aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, composites, plastics, mild and carbon steels, high nickel materials, inconel, titanium, stainless steels and tool steels have all been gripped and machined successfully with the Mitee-Bite TalonGrip System.

carvesmart talontop jawsThe CARVESMART TalonTop dovetailed jaws are available in both 6 and 8 inch lengths. 8 inch jaws can be used in any of the 6 inch master jaw sets, and the 6 inch jaws can be used in either the 6 or 4 inch master jaws. However, the SMARTstop pins will have to be removed or re-positioned for the 6 inch jaws to work with the 4 inch master jaw set.

  • Mitee-Bite authorized TalonGrip™ ready. Allows edge gripping on ~1.5mm of material
  • Quick Change 1018 cold rolled steel
  • Sold in pairs 6 inch and 8 inch long
  • Their profile is 2 inch tall x 3/4 inch wide
  • 8 inch pairs extend your 6 inch vise to 8 inches of clamping width
  • Likewise, 6 inch pairs extend your 4 inch vise to 6 inches of clamping width
  • SMARTstop pins and 10-32 set screws are included
  • The recommended MiteeBite #32050 Talon Grip clamps and #32020 stops are not included


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Jaw Profile


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