Mitee-Bite Pitbull Clamps

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The revolutionary Mitee-Bite Pitbull Clamps remain the lowest profile, highest holding force clamp in the industry today. Considering the size of the Pitbull Clamps, high vertical and horizontal clamping forces are generated.

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Mitee-Bite Pitbull Clamps use a standard cap screw and an oil resistant O-ring. The Pitbull® Clamp can be purchased in 5 different sizes across several styles; a tool steel knife edge for aggressive stock removal, a tool steel blunt edge for general purpose, a brass version to help prevent marring the workpiece and a machinable version.

Unique Features of Mitee-Bite Pitbull Clamps

  • Extremely low bite
  • Positive down force
  • High resistance to rip-out
  • Simple, sturdy, high quality design and components
  • Gain maximum tool access to your work
  • Virtually eliminate lost work
  • Great option with hydraulic

Creating Fixtures is Easy. . . Simply:

  • Machine a slot for the Pitbull® Clamp.
  • Drill and tap a hole for the cap screw.
  • Assemble the clamp as shown in the diagram.
  • Position clamp as shown in diagram and loosely screw to fixture.
  • Insert workpiece and tighten cap screw.

Both versions of the tool steel clamps generate the same clamping pressure. However, the knife edge clamps bite into the material for more aggressive machining, while the blunt edge is less likely to mark the workpiece.

 Blunt Edge

Knife Edge


Using a steel locating rail behind clamp in aluminum fixtures when applying maximum torque prevents displacing metal at pivot point.

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per pack

Holding Force (N.)

56000Tool Steel, Knife Edge3.813.559.521.96.6M2.582800
56010Tool Steel, Blunt Edge3.813.559.521.96.6M2.582800
56015Brass, Blunt Edge3.813.559.521.95.59M2.58875
56020Tool Steel, Knife Edge5.084.7512.72.549.9M486600
56030Tool Steel, Blunt Edge5.084.7512.72.549.9M486600
56040Brass, Blunt Edge5.084.7512.72.548.64M481750
56050Tool Steel, Knife Edge7.627.1119.053.8114.48M6616000
56060Tool Steel, Blunt Edge7.627.1119.053.8114.48M6616000
56065Brass, Blunt Edge7.627.1119.053.8111.18M664200
56070Tool Steel, Knife Edge10.1611.4325.46.3518.03M10426000
56075Tool Steel, Blunt Edge10.1611.4325.46.3518.03M10426000
56080Tool Steel, Knife Edge15.2416.2638.19.5219.56M12250000
56085Tool Steel, Blunt Edge15.2416.2638.19.5219.56M12250000


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